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Habits are hard to break, and we can easily think that we've refined our skin care to a fine science, but the more we learn about skin, the more we learn about best practices in skin care.

Does it really matter if you apply your face oil before your moisturizer? Or if you put on your vitamin C after your anti wrinkle cream? In a word... Yes!

When you don't follow the correct order to apply your skincare products, you can run into several problems:

Penetrating The Skin: This is a problem if you're putting thin, fluid or water-based products on top of thick, creamy or oily ones. The richer products will form a barrier on your skin that prevents anything else from getting through.

They may be less effective: If certain products aren't able to penetrate your skin properly, you obviously can't get their full benefits. Plus, when certain active ingredients are meant to be applied away from each other, using them together can deactivate them or even create a new, unwanted chemical reaction. In either case, your routine won't be as effective as it should be.

Genucel Therapy for bags and puffiness (and our other under eye treatments).

Pinky fingers ready!

Gently massage a pea sized amount of the treatment under each eye until fully absorbed into the skin.

Carefully work the treatment into the entire eye area from the top of your cheekbone to your under eye, and don't neglect the corners of your eyes.

Genucel XV Anti Wrinkle Treatment.

Treat Genucel XV as you would a moisturizer.

Evenly distribute the treatment by rubbing it between your fingers and symmetrically applying it to your entire face.

Press firmly enough to ensure that your skin absorbs the luxurious product but not so firmly that it becomes a chore. This is the self pampering part of your day.

Make sure you do not neglect to your T-zone, your jawline or your neck.

Spoil your skin, it will thank you for a long time.

Genucel Anti Aging Primer.

Our primer is oil-free so it will apply like a mask, but absorb into your skin to create the perfect base layer for the days makeup or simply a bright hydrated natural look.

Distribute a large pea sized amount of primer between the fingertips of both hands and evenly apply the primer to your whole face.

No special application necessary, we're just so excited for you to feel and see how this primer works for yourselves!

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