Kerri Tells Us Her Genucel Story

Kerri Has Quickly Become A Super User

"I'd say I've been using the products for around a year"

While asking Carrie to tell us which products she uses, we were expecting to hear about her success with our Novara product. (She told us before our meeting that she was eager to share her success with it. However, Carrie went into great detail about how she has built a routine around these products.

Twice a week she uses our microdermabrasion treatment and Masque. Speaking of the exfoliant she remarked that "It smells like cucumber, which is really great, as I usually use them with a toner and the toners usually smell like alcohol, so having one that smells like cucumber and is much gentler on the skin is great."

Moisture For The Win

"For the moisturizer I usually use Genucel XV.

"It really seems to trap in the moisture."

"In the winter my skin gets really dry, so I tend to get a lot of flaking around the nose and the chin, but anytime I use this it seems to trap in the moisture so I don't get that anymore."

Christina's Routine

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