Let's Hear From Donna

15 Years a Customer

Donna told us she first heard of our products on the radio and took the plunge.

A committed user of Chamonix Products, Donna uses the Chamonix Cleanser and toner every day as a jump start to her skin care routine, and the Chamonix Cristalles Micro-Dermabrasion exfoliant two or three times a week.

You can find our Cristalles, our cleanser and our toner in the "Complete Home Spa Package".

Nothing But a Number

Meeting with Donna in person, there was not one of us that would have believed she was the 73 years young she maintains that she is.

With age we all find ourselves developing lines and signs of our years, but it is so gratifying to see Donna smiling and laughing through her story with such elasticity and life in her skin. Her skin has never wanted for moisture and it truly shows in the sun as she arrived, under the bright lights of our cameras and the moonlight as we waved goodbye.

A lesson in moisture and preventative measures.

A Real Routine

We were wrapping up when Donna remembered she started using our Masque Treatment a few years ago.

"I use the masque, a couple of times a week"

"I don't even feel like I need to put anything else on for the rest of the day because it's so toning".

You can see Donna tell us about her experiences with our products right here.

Donna's Routine

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