Christina's Wedding Day


“I was married last year and this thing (Genucel XV) saved me”

In the interest of learning about our customers, developing new product ideas and being able to share success stories, we often invite people to come and discuss their experiences with our products. The emergence of Covid-19 has certainly slowed down that process, but with vigilance and consistent testing, we began, once again, to safely and responsibly conduct a series of conversations with some of the Genucel Family.
(That's all of you by the way!)

Enter Christina.
Christina is 30 and has been using Genucel products for the best part of 6 years.

We were having a delightful conversation about how Genucel products have helped her stave off aging under her eyes when she let us in on something.


Hearing that we've been a part of anyone's big day is amazingly gratifying. Our Anti-Aging Primer being the brides makeup base, or our Deep Firming Serum being the first thing she does on the big morning to be as hydrated as possible, are the usual suspects.

But hearing that one of our community actually found a life changing skin solution, that just happened to coincide with a once in a lifetime event, is the reason we are in the world of skin-care.

Taking care of your skin!

See the details of Christina's favorite products below as well as her full conversation with us about her experiences below.

The Big Day

"When it comes to Chamonix I haven’t found a product I really haven’t liked yet."

"But I do love the Genucel XV. It does wonders for my dry skin. I got married last year and honestly this thing saved me."

Christina went on to explain what she loves about our Gen90 product but we weren't about to just let that comment go without learning more.

We've shared this moment with you here but basically...

“How did that save you”
“How did this save me?”

“My dry patches... my dry patches were so rough, my makeup artist, when I did my trial, had patches of makeup just caked on, the day of my wedding, she said my skin has never been plumper more hydrated completely just sun-kissed, it was great for her to apply he makeup on”

Christina's Routine

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