Detoxifying Masque With Dead Sea Minerals

Detoxifying Mineral Masque

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This is more than a face mask - consider it a unique skincare experience. Lift your spirits and soothe tired skin all at once with the help of this nourishing mineral masque.

Serenity, Meet Skincare

The genucel Detoxifying Mineral Masque is an incredible masque that will refresh your skin while also relaxing your body. Slip into luxury by applying this product to your face up to 3 times a week. Dead Sea Minerals will help firm and tone tired skin, while other naturally-derived ingredients like Grape Seed Extract and Chamomile simultaneously repair, refresh, and rejuvenate. This personal spa-like experience will have you glowing from the inside out.



Dead Sea Minerals - Pure mineral nutrients extracted from deep ocean water. Loaded with natural anti-oxidants, they soothe and polish the skin to create a more radiant complexion.

Grape Seed Extract - Filled with nourishing antioxidants that improve skin’s overall tone and texture..

Papaya Enzymes - The papaya fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme called papain, which helps gently exfoliate the surface of the skin.

Chamomile - A natural calming agent, it effectively soothes areas of irritation.



Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Remove with warm water and pat dry. Follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer.

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