Most Popular Products Package

Most Popular Products Package

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Overhaul your skincare routine with this premium skincare package. This all-in-one kit combines all of our customer’s favorites. It includes 7 of our most popular Genucel® products and will provide you with everything you need to achieve a younger looking, more radiant complexion.

Everything You Need To Achieve Younger Looking Skin

This collection of Genucel® products combines all of our most popular skincare products in one convenient package. These products contain cutting-edge technology, powerful rare botanical extracts, and retinol alternatives to effectively reduce the appearance of darkness, redness, and other visible signs of aging. Every product featured in this package is meant to target a specific trouble spot - when used together, they’ll diminish the appearance of wrinkles and under eye bags, leaving you only with a radiant, younger looking skin. 


This Package Contains

  • Genucel Eye Bags & Puffiness Treatment
  • Genucel Jawline Treatment With MDL Technology
  • Genucel XV - Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Treatment
  • Genucel Ultra Retinol
  • FREE GIFT  - Genucel Immediate Effects 2
  • FREE GIFT  - Genucel Dark Spot Corrector


Meadowlactone - Derived from Meadowfoam fatty acid, this scientifically-developed additive provides deep hydration while also improving skin’s overall tone and appearance. When paired with peptides, it tightens the skin to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Calendula Flower Extract - An natural oil extracted from marigold flowers, this nourishing ingredient promotes healthy skin hydration, promotes skin healthy firmness, and calms troubled skin.

Malus Domestica extracts - Obtained using high pressure homogenization, Malus Domestica extracts have been clinically tested to reduce the depth of crows feet and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in close to 100% of test subjects.

Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally produced by your body. This natural additive binds to water molecules and hydrates skin at a cellular level, effectively diminishing the appearance of fine lines and preventing future wrinkles from forming.

Eyeseryl - An advanced tetrapeptide with anti-edema properties, it supports healthy circulation to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags



Order this package today and receive a full sized tube of our customer favorite genucel Dark Spot Corrector for free!

Dark spots, liver spots, and discoloration are an unfortunate side effect of aging that can make us look older than we actually are. This product’s breakthrough ingredients diminish the appearance of age spots and acne scarring, leaving you with a brighter complexion and younger looking skin.

The Future Looks Bright

A favorite of both men and women, genucel Dark Spot Corrector is formulated with revolutionary ingredients that effectively diminish the appearance of unsightly dark spots, liver spots, acne scarring, or other patches of discoloration. By visibly evening your skin’s tone and minimizing dark patches, this revolutionary skin treatment will leave you with a bright, even complexion that is younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

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